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What is R3DY UI?

R3DY UI is a library of ready made 3D components built with React Three Fiber. These components are readily interactive and take close to no knowledge on 3D rendering to utilize.


Currently there are 5 components: Button, Loader, Slider, Switch, and Text Field. Each component is able to be dropped into a react app and take a number of properties.

What it looks like


import { Canvas } from '@react-three/fiber'
import { Switch } from 'r3dy'

<div className="flex justify-center">
  <div className='h-[200px] w-[300px] '>
    <Canvas shadows>
      <TextField theme="light" />

What's next?

R3DY UI is being actively worked on and many changes are planned. These include new components as well as adjustments to current components to better the user experience.

How to contribute

If you like what we are doing here and want to contribute, or give us feedback, feel free to check us out on Github!